Get to Know Us

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We know from experience that writing a check and receiving a donation is only the beginning. 

Today’s donors invest in change.

Our name says it all: we believe that all donors—and the organizations that benefit from philanthropic investment—want to make the biggest impact possible.

We started Give Better Group because we know fundraising is hard work, and because we believe that every dollar should make an impact. Philanthropic giving is undergoing a seismic shift: today’s donors invest in change; they seed ideas and support organizations that both align with their values and are positioned to affect outcomes. But identifying philanthropic investments that achieve these goals isn’t always clear.  

Enter Give Better Group.

Women-owned. Doing the most good.

Jessica Rauch, Co-Founder

Jessica loves vintage furniture and fresh ideas. While her aesthetic tends classic, she seeks clients who are positioned to make real change. 

Jessica started her career as a teacher in the Bronx, was a top-performing recruiter for Teach For America, founded an award-winning nonprofit, and directed strategic planning and performance management efforts for public schools in our nation’s capital.

Most recently, as DC Ed Fund President and Executive Director, Jessica led the organization to record operational and fundraising success by securing philanthropic investments to support the priorities she helped establish while at DC Public Schools. 

Jessica graduated from UC Berkeley with Highest Honors and earned a Master's at Bank Street College of Education in New York City. In 2016, Washington Business Journal named Jessica a 40 Under 40 Business Leader. Shortly before she moved to Nevada in fall 2017, Jessica was awarded a Mayoral Commendation by Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser for her commitment to students in Washington, DC.

A host and facilitator by nature, when not doing the most good, Jessica can be found training her two new puppies Ricki and Shorty to dance and mixing the perfect cocktail to serve at her weekly The Bachelor Fantasy League soirees.


Katie Aiello-Howard, Co-Founder

Katie loves excel, chocolate, and a good gym session. In that order. She is one of the rare people who can engage both her right and left brains at the same time.

Katie started her career as a tax accountant working with some of the largest real estate developers in the nation’s capital. Katie’s enthusiasm for well-written prose led her to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing, teach college English, and later administer a large federal grant that empowered youth to complete their GED.

At the DC Ed Fund, she combined her creative side with her tactical financial approach. As COO, Katie spearheaded the adoption and implementation of a new donor management system, launched a new accounting system to better manage the spending of nearly $20 million, and was still able to flex her creative muscles writing successful proposals and designing collateral that resonated with the organization's closest partners. 

Katie holds a BA in Accounting from Lynchburg College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Georgia College & State University, and is a winner of Washington Business Journal’s 2016 CFO of the Year Award.

Always competitive, when not doing the most good, Katie can be found working out or considering excel formulas to help her win Jessica's The Bachelor Fantasy League.